Blades of Orterra is an ambitious online multiplayer action RPG inspired by MMOs and the Japanese anime series Sword Art Online. While Blades of Orterra is not an MMO, the project aims to create an immersive and interactive environment with a focus on melee combat.

For those who are unfamiliar with the popular TV series, Sword Art Online takes place in an online game that follows a typical medieval fantasy MMO structure, but with two large differences. First, players in the game can only wield melee weapons. This creates a more intimate fight where players must be up close and personal with enemies to engage in combat. The second large difference is the Floor system. The floating castle Aincrad in which Sword Art Online takes place is comprised of 100 circular floors, each with a huge diameter and a style and theme. These floors often feature one or two biomes and are sometimes repeated throughout the floors. Certain floors may have a more ancient medieval feel, while others may have a more modern touch. The overall art is meant to be bright, vivid, and appealing to the eye. This is the inspiration that Blades of Orterra aspires to follow.

The short term goal of Blades of Orterra is to create a minimal viable product and finalized alpha gameplay. Building a video game is no small undertaking and taking on a concept as large as Blades of Orterra is in its own category, but we at Covert Games believe that through efficient and refined workflow, open and transparent community interaction, and inspiration drawn from numerous sources, a sizeable sample of the game can be created.

Blades of Orterra attempts to focus on cutting redundant and useless aspects out of the gameplay in order to better focus on the refinement of the core gameplay mechanics. Long term goals for the project include Player vs. Player combat, a unique and dynamic skill tree system, player/merchant vending, Player vs. Environment combat, open world exploration, and other MMO components that make up what the developers and community members envision to be a fun and interesting game.

Overall, Blades of Orterra hopes to create a game which can deliver stunning graphics, immersive interactions, exciting combat, and an array of unique elements to create a truly unique and wondrous game.

You can find more information about what we're currently working on for Blades of Orterra here.