A New Year

Hello everyone!

With the launch of the new website, we wanted to talk about the new year of 2017. We're looking forward to the beginning of a new year of progress for Blades of Orterra, but let's first take a look back at 2016 and the beginning of the project.

June, 2016

The project started in late June of 2016 on a random whim- I didn't think I would turn it into an actual game project, but here we are now. Going from 'Saber Art Online' to Blades of Orterra, we've progressed quite a bit with our documentation, assets, and workflow, and we have also improved as developers overall.

I started the project originally to show users of other Sword Art Online project forums that the idea of making an "SAO fan project" isn't all that difficult, and that with dedication and by pushing yourself you can achieve things in a very short time frame. The video on the right is work that was done in a total of 8 days. (To be fair, there wasn't all that much in the video.)

"10 days of development so far, let's see what we can do in another month."

November 1st, 2016

Around this time we decided we would switch the name from Saber Art Online to something that better represents us. We also decided to divide this very large and ambitious project into smaller "modules" that can later be combined to form the full game. We are currently working on the Combat Module, which you can read about here. We thought the Combat Module was a perfect way to bring a playable game to the fans while getting feedback and pushing the game forward in terms of development.

January 16th, 2017

We have come far to get to this point. We're now in mid-development of the Combat Module and everything is pretty much planned out in our documents. All we need to do now is implement the functionality in the engine.

Future Plans

The future plans for Blades of Orterra can be found below; we'll be doing our best to reach these goals during this year. However, if a goal isn't able to be met, then we will do our best to improve the project so then we can try again. This stuff is straight from our Ascent to Funding Document, so you're getting a sneak-peek at the behind-the-scenes work!

Combat Module Release

A fairly important release: The Combat Module will be free and will include all of the important combat mechanics and functionality. This will push the project forward in the right direction.

Gameplay Trailer

The Gameplay trailer will consist of the open-world game (actual build, everything together) and will include a few things like Character Creation and completion of a quest. The team is still deciding how to go about doing this, but we hope to have a proof of concept during 2017 so everyone has an idea of what Blades of Orterra is going to be like.

Patreon or Kickstarter

We hope to start a crowdfunding sometime in 2017 (most likely after the Combat Module) to effectively push the project forward in a financial standpoint. This will help us in purchasing equipment, speeding up development, and much more.

That's it for today's blog post, we hope you have an amazing start to your week, and we hope that 2017 will be a great year for the project.

- Crimson