Dawn of Combat

It's Monday which means another blog update!

Good morning! Today we're talking about Combat, since that was the main focus for the past 7 days of development. Getting the basic combat to fully work within Multiplayer was a hefty task, but after a few hours, we were finally able to get it functioning.



We're currently creating our combat system using the Sword and Shield weapon type, the weapon we're currently using would preferably be a Shortsword or Longsword. When developing, we need to create every basic mechanic, and using the shield alongside a weapon, we can create Blocking and also fundamentally work on Shields, which will have some interesting mechanics.

The type of weaponry we plan on having in the Combat Module can be found below, you can also find all of our planned weaponry on our FAQ:

  • Lance/Spears
  • Greatswords
  • Longswords
  • Shortswords
  • Daggers
  • Warhammers

We're hoping to achieve all of these weapons in the Combat Module, more weapon types will be included in the final game.


The animations that we're currently using were bought in the UE Marketplace, since we don't have any 3D animators, we need to use whatever resources that we can find. However, once we work on our characters, we'll begin creating our own animations; please note that we'll be learning as we create our own, so if something does not look right to you, feel free to tell us and we'll improve it along the way.


Since we've recently restarted our combat to support Directional Combat, we're at square one when it comes to the progress. However, we're progressing very quickly.


Directional Combat is our way of giving the player the freedom of attacking in the direction that they're moving, making it feel like the player is slashing with the character's momentum. Due to the amount of animations and resources we have, players can only use basic attacks in 8 directions, as shown in the video. The ring around the player is a Directional Assist, allowing the player to see which direction they're moving in terms of physics, wherever the arrow points is the direction the player will swing. The Directional Assist can be disabled in the settings.


Dodging is quite straightforward, it gives the ability of dodging attacks by double tapping a directional key (WASD). Dodging however has a downside, it uses up Stamina, stamina is a resource used by attacks, blocking attacks, etc. making the player think about their movements and attacks rather than just spamming buttons.


Since the focus for the Combat Module is multiplayer and PvP (Player Vs Player), multiplayer compatibility is the utmost priority. Attacking and dodging is working in Multiplayer.


Our plans for the next few weeks is to add more functionality to basic combat, these things include:

  • Death and Health
  • Stamina
  • Blocking
  • Parrying

We hope to talk to you next week about how blocking will work with alongside more development on the 'Hall of the King'; but on that note, we hope you have a great week, and thanks for reading this update blog!


- Crimson