The Second Month

Hello and welcome to another development blog!

We've been fairly busy with bug fixing and technical work, so this week's blog post will be a bit shorter than usual, but nonetheless we have some fun stuff to show you.



Blades of Orterra has been in development for over 6 months now. Back when the project was called Saber Art Online, we had many things in development, including the world of Aincrad. It was a work in progress, but we are showing it again in the YouTube video above.

Once we begin development of the open-world side, including famous locations like 'Town of Beginnings', we plan on making heavy changes to improve the quality of the world. These things include adding more height variation, more color, detail, and a touch of our personal style of fantasy.

As we work on the Combat Module, we're improving in every part of development and preparing ourselves for the real challenge: the full build of the game. We're very excited to get started on it!


Development on the first map for the Combat Module is finally coming to a close.

The last steps in building the Hall of the King involve tearing it down: Right now the Hall of the King looks pristine, but the Hall is actually set in a kingdom that was abandoned after the assassination of its king.



Player avatar customization is one of the most important features of the open-world side of the game, so we're adding an early version of the customization screen in the Combat Module for testing and feedback.

In the image above, we're still using the default Unreal Engine 4 mannequin character, but the full game will have custom character models. You can also see the current progress on our customization interface. Please note it's still a work-in-progress.


We plan on having a few features for the customization of your character. The list can be found below:

  • Armour type
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
  • Eye Colour
  • Gender
  • Armour Colour Palette
    • We're planning on allowing players the possibility of customizing their armour with any colour they would like, which should allow for lots of variety.
  • Player Name

Unfortunately, we have no idea what we'll be able to show you next week besides more character customization, but we hope you have an amazing week. Thanks for reading!

~ Crimson