September 2017 - Developer Update

Hello everyone and welcome to September’s developer update!

Today we’ll be showcasing a few things that have been in development and that have been shown off in the past month, such as the Tavern, the new Gameplay page, and the Light/Medium Armour’s progress.

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Now, let’s get right into this month’s blog!


The Tavern

Welcome to the Tavern, a warm and cozy pub that’s perfect for hanging out with friends or finding new ones. The tavern is located in Origo, the Starting City on the First Kingdom, and the tavern contains rooms players can rent for a limited amount of time, a quest board for accepting new quests or bounties, and of course, a whole lot of drinks.

Players can sit in the chairs and interact with various things in the Tavern, including mini-games that will be implemented in the future. This is a great spot for socializing with other players or planning out Labyrinth raids.


New Gameplay Page

You may have noticed the latest section on our website, the Gameplay section. This page will include most of the gameplay features that we want to include in Blades of Orterra. You can find it at the top of the navigation or by clicking here.

Currently we have 3 categories on the page. We’ll be adding more info very soon. Let us know what you’d like to see on our Discord or tweeting us with #bladesoforterra!


Work in Progress: Light Armour

The Light Armour is the final set of armour that we need to model and texture for the Combat Module. It’s a mix of rogue and knight-style armour, using leather, cloth, and light metal as materials. Players who want greater mobility should try using the Light Armour.

Please note that the above images are works in progress; they are not complete.


Work in Progress: Medium Armour

The Medium Armour is currently undergoing the last stage of development, which is ‘rigging’. Once we complete this stage, we’ll be able to put the armour in the game! We’re super excited to get this going. Hopefully in a month or so, we’ll have all of the character armours in-game and ready to choose in the customization interface.


The gif above is a work in progress. We’ll be adjusting the rig and adding in cloth physics.


That's it for this month! See you in the next one!