June 2017 - Developer Update

June 2017

Hello and welcome to June’s Developer Update, let’s get right into it!

In June we’ve expanded our team with new 3D artist Reckless, game designer Judah and writer BlackAbyss. They've been doing some great work, some of which will be shown in this month's update!

Town of Beginnings Theme

The team has been consistently working for these past two months, working hard on bringing an immersive experience through visuals and also through the music. Stratosfyr is currently working as our Music Composer; you've heard the Main Menu music, and now you can listen to the current theme for the Town of Beginnings, the city in which players spawn at when they start playing Blades of Orterra.

Let us know what you think on our Discord!

New Application System

Along with the addition of new developers on the team, we also improved our application process. The improvements include a form that’s separate from our Contact Us page, and asks more direct questions to make it easier for applicants who want to join the team.

Interested in joining our team? Apply by pressing the apply button on the right!

Player Cursors

The new game designer, Judah, has been working on designing mechanics for the game, including Player Cursors, which are crystal-like icons that appear above a player/NPC's head to indicate their status within the world. Here's a preview of our WIP cursor system:

In Blades of Orterra, Player Cursors indicate a player's reputation with the law. By default, each player has a green cursor, indicating that they are in good standings in regards to criminal activity. However, if the player is caught committing a crime, their cursor may turn either orange or red. NPCs also have cursors that indicate their role in the game.

A green indicator is the default indicator color for players. A player free of any recent crimes will have a green cursor. An innocent player who defends themselves against either an orange or red cursored player will remain innocent.

An orange cursor indicates that the player has recently committed a petty crime, such as attacking another player or being caught stealing. Certain quests may offer a large reward, but will require that the player becomes a criminal.

A red cursor indicates that the player is the most dangerous kind of criminal. These indicators are obtained only by killing another player. Players with red cursors can be sent to prison by other players, and city guards if caught within the city walls.

Hall of the King

Yet again, more progress has been made on the Deathmatch map, Hall of the King. This map will be playable in the Combat Module, where players will fight to the death until one fighter is left standing. Specifically, we made improvements in the materials/textures and the lighting, with many more still coming!

Quest/Task Board

The Task Board is an interactive board that can be found in most safe zones (cities, towns, etc). Players can interact with this board to get up-to-date with current events that are happening throughout the floors of Orterra. Players can also find Player Bounties on the board. After accepting a bounty players would then seek out and kill or capture a wanted criminal for a nice reward.

Note: The current UI concept is super experimental- we’re improving it currently.

That's it for this month's update, see you in the next one!