July 2017 - Developer Update

July 2017

Hey everyone, welcome to July’s Developer Update, this one is short but sweet, enjoy!

Hall of the King Trailer

At last, the Hall of the King is complete and you can see it in our new video showcasing the finished environment. There are now details and clues added to the hall that hint towards what could have happened in that room. Enjoy!

The Hall of the King will be the playable map for the Combat Module.

Public Schedule

You may have noticed an increase in our streams and content- we’re trying our best to stick to a schedule that is found below. Things like streams, podcasts, and more are planned for the months ahead.

Development Livestream

A stream every Sunday on our official Twitch channel.

Mid-Month Podcast

A podcast focused on Q&A, development, and general discussion about the game and the team. We plan on doing this in the middle of every month. Let us know if you would want to see a regular podcast on our Discord channel!

Monthly Developer Update

Updates like the one you’re currently reading is on a monthly basis. We try our best to release each update at the end or beginning of each month.

Screenshot Showcase

We plan on releasing a screenshot of the game (progress or finalized shots) every other Wednesday to keep you all updated.


That’s it for this month, we apologize for the lack of content but most of the stuff we’ve been working on is behind-the-scenes. See you next time!