August 2017 - Developer Update

August 2017

Hey everyone, welcome to August's Developer Update!

As always, we want to welcome any new followers to the community. If you're still wondering what the project is about, here's a short description:

Set in a world floating in the sky, Blades of Orterra is a multiplayer RPG that seeks to craft an unparalleled immersive experience where players can adventure across 100 different worlds to master the art of the blade.

Today we have some eye-catching content to show you, things like the Heavy Armor for the Combat Module, customization interface, server browser, and some combat themes.

Heavy Armour

Shiny, heavy, robust and durable; the Heavy Armor is the second armor type for the Combat Module. It's heavy and slows down the player's movement, but it's more resistant to hits than the lighter armor types.

The Heavy Armor is still a work in progress since we're adding more details and rigging it, but it's definitely getting there. Let us know what you think of it on our Discord!

Customization Interface

The Customization Interface allows the player to choose their loadout, including their choice of weaponry, armor type, and abilities:

Server Browser

When we release the Combat Module we'll also provide the proper software to host servers for the Combat Module. Once your server is setup, it will appear in the server browser.



Starting today, we just recently released our first newsletter!

The newsletter will be sent via email as another way to help us keep in touch with the community. The newsletter will usually include the Developer Update blog but we'll also be sending exclusive things when we can.

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Calling all Game Designers, Writers, and Concept Artists

We're looking for a few positions to be filled in our team including game designers, writers, and concept artists. If you have any experience in these positions, please feel free to apply on our team page! We'd love to see your work and have you in the team.

That's it for this month! We hope you have a great start to September, see you next time!