Your Feedback in Action

Hello travelers!

It's been a while since we've spoken (well, two weeks ago we had an update), similar to the blog about scope. I want to have a more personal post going through the state of the project!

About two weeks ago, we released the Combat Demo in hopes that we'd receive feedback on the combat system and potentially gain a few new community members, which we did! We received a ton of feedback and bug reports, so we'll talk about how your feedback directly helps us and the final game.

Before I get into this post, I want to give a big shout-out to a few of our community members, taking the time to report bugs and share their thoughts on the game- keep being awesome! For those who still haven't tried the demo, feel free to try it out now on Steam, and send us your feedback. We read all of it. :)

Thanks to:
Owain, Marshal, SinisterHeroes, Ninja, wantedrednight, Paawan, Treyhax, Riddion, Thaum, NiceDerion

Feedback on Combat

We've learned a lot about the flaws in our Combat System, but we've also learned that people found it fun! Of course, with any game, there's room for improvement. A few things that we want to improve upon are below:



It seems that the blocking system needs some adjusting, specifically the detection system and how/when it can be used. We plan on adjusting the blocking so it looks, functions, and feels better. We also plan on displaying the block radius on weapons, giving some more visual information for different weapon types (idea inspired by Warhammer: Vermintide 2).


We had a few people point out that some of the stances just aren't worth using, and the Fast/Quick stance seemed to reign supreme. We plan on buffing and adding more to the Hybrid and Strong stances, such as knock-back, causing more stamina drain for enemies who are hit while blocking, and more damage. We'll be researching how we can make each stance stand out in their own way.

Attack Speeds

Some attacks are either way too slow or way too fast. These are animation issues that we'll adjust overtime. We'll also improve the feel of attacks. A warhammer should give the impression of slow but fierce attacks, and a rapier or shortsword should be quick while still delivering some power. We'll work on this and make sure that it's improved for the full game!

Stamina System

The current stamina system is pretty awful. There are some moments where stamina doesn't regenerate, and it can be exploited. We plan on completely refactoring the stamina system and changing how stamina regenerates, so the bugs that you may encounter in the demo won't happen again. Note that in the demo, sprinting drains stamina very quickly, but we don't plan to keep this in the full game. Don't worry, the stamina system won't affect your travel in the world as much!

Animation Improvements

You may notice that the animations are jittery, especially after abilities and as you block, attack- well, basically everything. We're going to improve the animation system as much as we can, taking out those jittery moments and making it feel more... epic. We want your character to look like a badass, and that's something that we'll work on.

There's a lot more that we want to talk about, but it's best if we wait a few months once we're in full gear working on the full game. Until then, have a fantastic day, and see you in March's Developer Update!