April 2018 - Developer Update

Hello travelers, welcome to the Developer Update for April 2018!

We've been working on a new secret milestone, but we can still show you a few small things this month. We'll be going over the forests of the First Kingdom, the dungeon screenshots that we've been releasing on social media, and some more info on Expeditions!

Forests of the First Kingdom

The forests in the First Kingdom contain very tall redwood trees, bushes, and wildlife. Be careful as you tread through the forest, as you may encounter wolves that will call for their pack if you don't end them quickly.


Unknown Dungeon

You'll encounter many dungeons in the world of Orterra. One thing we can tell you about this one is that it's found in the First Kingdom and that it has signs of corruption.


As you explore dungeons your map will update automatically. You can share this data with others or even trade it for gold.

Expedition Difficulty Levels

Expeditions have different difficulty levels associated with them, which you can check at a Task Board along with the rest of the Expedition's information. "Regular" Expeditions below Legendary level can be completed by anyone, and anyone who completes it can receive the reward. As mentioned last month, a Legendary Expedition can only be completed by one person or party, so it's a race for the reward.

Here are three different types of banners for Expeditions. When you complete an Expedition, you'll receive this banner in your journal:

Thanks for reading, we'll see you in the next one!