An Overdue Update from the Creative Director

Hello everyone!

This update will discuss some very important topics, including the game's future and what's currently going on with the team.


Let's first cover our absence. We haven't posted a developer update in a while due to a slow-down in development. Currently most of the developers are busy with school or with their day-jobs (overtime is also a factor), Blades is foremost a passion project, meaning that it's not everyone's main focus.

I've become increasingly busier as well. As for my personal situation (in the U.S.), I'm now on the search for an industry game dev job (or trying to find my way into a school).

What does this mean for Blades?

Blades will most likely slow down in terms of blog posts and updates; we'll be trying our best to communicate with you through other mediums like Discord. We love talking with our community, and it's one of the main reasons why we enjoy working on this game.

One of the things I'll be doing for the next few months is fixing up our game design documents, I'll also be going over the scope of the game once again. The game could change completely by reducing its scale or by creating a different structure for the Kingdoms, or the combat system could change to make it more enjoyable. There's a ton of stuff that could be changed or removed.

The Milestone Reveal

Some of you already know what it is: we're working on a gameplay trailer!

Our goal in creating the gameplay trailer is to get a precise look of what we want for the game. We can't release too much info about it just yet, but we're excited to present it to you in the future.

That's basically it for this update, I'll probably do more posts in the future. (If you enjoyed this one, let me know on Discord or something.)

See you soon,