What is Blades of Orterra?

Blades of Orterra, formerly known as “Saber Art Online”, is an indie action-RPG built in Unreal Engine 4 inspired by MMOs and the Sword Art Online anime series. Blades of Orterra aims to deeply immerse the player in a virtual realistic world with a focus on melee combat.

What is the state of the game's development?

The project is currently in an early development state.

Can I play Blades of Orterra right now? Where is the download?

At the moment, only Pre-Alpha testers have access to the current build of the game. There are no public downloads at the current moment.

How can I become a tester?

The only way to become a tester is by winning a key giveaway or by having a large viewership on sites like Twitch or YouTube. Giveaways are held on our social medias, such as our Facebook page.

Is Blades of Orterra an MMO?

Blades of Orterra will try to capture the feel of an MMO. However, while online multiplayer will be supported, it is not an MMO. Currently, since we are a small indie team, we cannot guarantee large servers hosted by us in an MMO fashion.

Is Blades of Orterra a Sword Art Online fan game?

When Blades of Orterra was named Saber Art Online, the project was intended to be a remaking of Sword Art Online’s world in Unreal Engine 4. Now, the project has begun to take on its own identity and was renamed, though it still takes its initial inspiration from Sword Art Online and still aims to provide an immersive experience in a similar world.

What platforms will Blades of Orterra be available on?

Blades of Orterra will be available for PC with a possibility of a Mac release later on.

When will Blades of Orterra be released?

Currently there is no release date for the official build of the game, but we hope that the “Combat Module” will be completed some time in 2018.

Will there be a crowdfunding (Kickstarter)? When will it be?

Yes, we are aiming to start a crowdfunding campaign in Q4 2018.

How much will Blades of Orterra cost?

Blades of Orterra is aiming for a one-time purchase on Steam Early Access that will give full access to all updates. The price is still to be determined.

What can I do to help the project?

Sharing the project with friends and family is the best way to support the project. At this stage in development, we value suggestions and feedback highly as well as having a loyal community. Directly support the project by donating to the crowdfunding campaign once one has been set up.

How customizable will Characters, Weapons, Guilds, etc. be?

Blades of Orterra wants to allow players to customize their characters in a way that’ll make them unique and stand out from other players. Some examples of planned features are character creation and changing the colour of armour.

Will Blades of Orterra have VR support?

There are no plans for VR support for Blades of Orterra.

How many people are working on Blades of Orterra?

You can check out our new Team Page for the answer to your question.

Can I become a developer? How?

Definitely! You can apply for a position on the bottom of our Team Page.

Does Blades of Orterra plan on partnering with other similar projects?

We are not partnering with any other projects due to differences in art style and vision.

Is there anywhere I can talk directly to the developers or other community members?

Our Discord server is our main hub of discussion and serves as the best way to communicate directly with the developers and other Blades of Orterra community members. (Discord is a free voice and text chat client for desktop and phones that can be viewed from browsers.)

What kind of weapons will be available in Blades of Orterra?

Blades of Orterra will have many different weapons that allow players to create their own path and playstyle. Some of the planned weapons include:

  • Scythes

  • Lance/Spears

  • Two-Handed Greatswords

  • Longswords

  • Shortswords

  • Daggers

  • Warhammers

and much more...

What are the System Requirements for Blades of Orterra?

The Minimum and Recommended requirements can be found below; please note that these specifications will change throughout development:


  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550Ti
  • 1 GB VRAM
  • Intel i5-3570 @ 3.4Ghz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit


  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti
  • 2 GB VRAM
  • Intel i5-6600 @ 3.5Ghz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

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