Combat, Progression, and Worlds

Combat in Blades of Orterra is action-oriented and skill-based, inspired by titles like Dark Souls and Absolver. Battle can be hectic and will test your quick-thinking abilities. Whether fighting a boss or a wolf in the fields, players will need to choose their movements carefully and make every action count. Blocking, dodge-rolling, and proper positioning during battle can be the difference between victory and defeat for the player.

 Knight's Plate Armor by Lukas

Knight's Plate Armor by Lukas

Players' loadouts of skills and equipment can be changed freely. Equip different weapons depending on your playstyle or the situation and mix and match armour pieces. The overall weight of armour equipped determines the speed you may move/dodge at. The armour weight types are Light, Medium, and Heavy.


The current weapon types for Blades of Orterra are listed below:

  • Lances/Spears
  • Two-Handed Greatswords
  • Longswords
  • Shortswords
  • Daggers
  • Gauntlets
  • Warhammers
  • Scythes

In Blades of Orterra, there are two types of progression, global and personal. Throughout the game, the players can progress through the Kingdoms by defeating Guardians, the bosses of the Kingdoms. These fierce enemies will push the players' skills beyond their limits, and once beaten, all players, including new players in the server, may progress to the Kingdom above. This is global progression.

Before reaching the Kingdom's Guardian, players will set out to level up their character, find new gear, and become stronger to prepare for the challenges ahead. This is personal progression.


The worlds that form Orterra are separated into Kingdoms, each Kingdom has its own story line, and side-quests. Explore beautiful cities and towns, dungeons full of mysteries, and unlock new Kingdoms by advancing in the Labyrinth.

Orterra's worlds are dynamic and changing- every Kingdom is generated uniquely in each server. Dungeons, locations of shops, locations of chests and more are placed differently in each server to make every adventure a fresh experience.

Players can choose to either complete the story and quest content or hunt enemies to level up their characters for the next Kingdom. No content is mandatory or required. A Kingdom's story may be experienced without completing the previous Kingdoms' stories, but bear in mind an over-arching story connects each Kingdom's storyline. Players can always go back to previous Kingdoms by means of teleportation crystals.

Each Kingdom features a different biome and theme. You'll never know what kind of world you'll find next as you progress through Orterra.

Circles of varying sizes began forming in the sky, one after another. Each kingdom had come to understand this event as a separate kingdom’s plan of attack. Each faction, armed and equipped with both weapons and ferocity, made way to the center of Orterra, drawing blood and clashing metal like never before. Amidst the corruption, the blindingly bright circles in the sky began beaming down, separating the world into one hundred plots of land. These circles of land containing mountains, deserts, lakes, and snowy peaks were rising chaotically, all while the Battle of the Kingdoms continued. Some passionate and vengeful folk of Orterra were separated from their families, as they were carried to the various floors in Orterra. Large grey pillars connected the floors together as the plots of land were stacked conically to form the colossal castle known today as Castle Orterra.

After a long night of killing monsters and making new allies, you may want to take a break from combat and work on your Profession skills. In Blades of Orterra, professions play a big role in the market and creation of rare items. Players can choose from professions such as Cooking, Blacksmithing, Mining, and more.

Players will not be limited to a maximum number of professions. Our goal for professions is to have players interact with the profession rather than clicking and waiting to craft items. A Cook might experiment to discover new recipes for their next dish, or a Blacksmith might try smithing a sword with different hilts or materials. We want professions to be fun and satisfying.