Blades of Orterra is a Fantasy Open-World Multiplayer RPG created in Unreal Engine 4

A castle filled with dozens of Kingdoms stacked one on top of the other, awaiting for those brave enough to ascend them— Orterra is filled with adventure. Progress through the floors of Orterra, reach the top of the castle, and discover the secrets hidden within each Kingdom.

Inspired by MMOs and the Japanese anime series Sword Art Online, your quest begins on the first floor, from where you must not only progress individually, but also with your fellow players as a whole. Every floor contains a labyrinth filled with dangers, and at the end of each labyrinth contains an enemy more powerful than any beast found up to that point. These enemies are called Guardians; once defeated, the next Kingdom becomes accessible to all players on the server.

Be anything you dream of being: Blades of Orterra follows a classless character design, allowing players a wide range of possible paths to choose from. From a blacksmith to a chef to a bounty hunter, you have the freedom to advance in a certain profession or multiple. The game will feature crafting professions, exploration, community, and of course, an immersive and interactive world.



However, the Combat Module (a small, free demo of the game featuring the game's combat system) is now available for free on Steam!

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Covert Games is a small indie team made up of people from all over the world. We continue to grow by bringing in new people who have passion for the project and have a wide range of skill sets. Feel free to apply through our Team page; you could be the next developer helping work on the world of Orterra.