The Combat Module is the first module release, and is a small portion of the game focusing on the combat mechanics of the game. This module will be available to all users for Free and will be playable on its own. The team is hoping for a smooth early 2018 release. More information about the Combat Module can be found below.


The Combat Module is now released! You can download it on Steam now.


Immersive Experience

Even though the Combat Module is one of the earliest phases of the project, immersion is still our top priority. We will do our best to make high quality experiences for both first person and third person views, keep creating stunning models and art, and to make the game fun and interactive.



Players will have the ability to customize their character in the Combat Module, primarily the colour of their armour.


Different Weapons; Different Playstyles

Many different types of weapons will be available in the Combat Module, such as warhammers, greatswords, longswords and more.