Meet Covert Games

Covert Games is a small team with members from across the globe, all who have a variety of skills. We're all very passionate about Blades of Orterra, and we hope to bring you an amazing experience!



Creative Director for Blades of Orterra. 
Crimson is the founder of the project, overseeing and assisting in all departments of development.



Level Designer and Music Composer for Blades of Orterra. Stratosfyr is responsible for the creation of locations and the game's beautiful original soundtrack.



Editor and Game Designer for Blades of Orterra. Reach is the designated writer, editor, and proofreader. He handles the website, PR, and documentation while assisting as a designer.




Sound Designer for Blades of Orterra. Stratic Arts creates beautiful and enticing ambiance and sound effects found throughout the game.



Concept Artist for Blades of Orterra.
Shijo is an amazing artist who creates concepts for environments, characters, and more.



Environment Artist and 3D Generalist for Blades of Orterra. 
Reckless' specialty is building the 3D environments found in the world of Orterra.




3D Animator for Blades of Orterra. TheAnimationStation is a fantastic animator focused on making characters and creatures move within the world.



Gameplay Programmer for Blades of Orterra. Hock focuses on AI, mechanics, and functionality for the players and enemies of Orterra.



Concept Artist for Blades of Orterra. Fireflies creates fantastic art and concepts for monsters, locations, and weaponry.



Music Composer for Blades of Orterra. Tallowahh focuses on the beautiful and epic music in the Kingdoms of Orterra.



Environment Artist for Blades of Orterra. Jacob Parise creates breathtaking 3D models that can be found within the Kingdoms of Orterra.

Please note that some of the profile pictures above may not be ours and the rights are to the artists who created it.

Apply for the Team

Ready to join Covert Games? Feel free to fill out the application below, please fill it to the best of your ability; we want you to stay with us for when we start going full-time!

If you have experience in a different department and wish to work with us however it is not shown in the Open Positions, feel free to apply still!


Open Positions

+ Game Designer

Game Designers formulate features, mechanics, and gameplay for the game; in Covert Games, you would plan out features through the use of documents, sketches, spreadsheets, and through other means if required.

Applicants should have knowledge in MMOs, RPGs and in-depth knowledge of Blades of Orterra, they should be able to write gameplay mechanics on their own and with the assistance of other designers; Designers work closely with the Creative Director to make the best possible experience.


  • 1+ years of experience using Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and other related software
  • Experience in writing documents and Game Design Documents
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Passion for playing and creating games, especially RPGs and Fantasy style games

+ Sound Designer

Sounds are a very important part of any game, they keep the player on their toes and can change the quality of a game entirely. Sound Designers would typically work with sounds that they can find or create, adjusting and refining sounds to get the best quality. Sound Designers would sometimes work solo but would work closely with the team and the Creative Director.


  • Experience creatively producing sound effects, backgrounds, and Foley for games
  • Experience working with audio design tools
  • Able to work both in team and solo efforts
  • Demo reel or portfolio from past project(s), primarily games

+ Concept Artist

Concept Artists can determine the entire style of a location, character, or enemy. The Concept Artist would typically work in their most respective area (environments, characters, etc.) and would work closely with the 3D Artists and Environment Artists to get the best finalization.


  • 1+ years of experience in digital sketching/art programs (Photoshop, Mischief, etc.)
  • Good communication skills to get designs advancing to other departments
  • Understanding in anatomy (for characters)
  • Eye for light, shading, color, and details
  • Understanding of the Blades of Orterra art style and world

+ 3D Animator

We find that having high-quality animations can change the entire look of a game, for this, we require the best animations that we can get. Animators would primarily work on animations, but may be needed for rigging, etc.

Animators would work closely with the Creative Director and Character Artists.


  • 2+ years experience in Animating/Modelling software (Maya, 3DSmax, etc.)
  • Experience in Unreal Engine 4 is a plus
  • Understanding of the animation style for Blades of Orterra
  • Understanding and skills in humanoid and animal animating


• Must be over the age of 18 (unless applying for Moderator position)

• Must have availability for assignments (at least once a week)

• Experience in the position you're applying for is highly recommended

• A portfolio or past work experience